Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff's Department were called to several investigations in the last week.

The following reports were generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A Cabool woman called Nov. 25 to report that an elderly woman was missing from her Waters Road residence. Before an investigating officer arrived, the woman called back and said the missing woman had returned.

•A letter was received from the FBI on Nov. 26 regarding a lead for a wanted person. An investigating officer reported that after checking all addresses where the person might be found, the determination was made that they were all outside of TCSD jurisdiction.

•A 33-year-old Raymondville woman reported Nov. 15 that her U.S. Cellular account had been compromised and $8,000 worth of merchandise had been ordered without her knowledge or permission.

The woman told an investigating officer a 15-year-old boy was to blame who is the brother of a girl she is guardian of. A report was sent to juvenile authorities.

•A man called Nov. 26 to report that tenants at a Highway UU residence he owns had hacked into his Dish Network account and charged about $600 worth or services. The man called back a short time later and stated that Dish Network was to blame for the issue and everything was fine.

•A deputy responded Nov. 15 to a report of a gunshot victim at an Astoria Road residence at Huggins.

The officer reported that a 6-year-old boy had accidentally been shot when his 14-year-old brother was unloading a Marlin .30-.30 rifle and it inadvertently fired. The bullet reported traveled through the victim’s lower left arm and lodged in the upper portion of his right leg.

The victim was transported by helicopter to Mercy Hospital in Springfield.  

•A Licking woman called Nov. 17 to report that Greentree Financing had repossessed a trailer home of hers but had not removed it from her Cadle Road property. She stated they had instead placed “for sale” signs on it and left it there.

An officer advised the woman the matter was a civil issue, but that he would contact the finance company and ask that the trailer be removed.

•A man called Nov. 23 to report that his wife keeps taking items from their house. An officer advised the man to seek legal counsel.

•Terry Carr, 52, of Bel-Noir Apartments, No. 2, in Cabool, was issued a citation for third-degree property damage after allegedly refusing to leave a 43-year-old woman’s Kile Road residence and then breaking a window in its back door.

•A 45-year-old Marshfield man reported Nov. 21 that about 12 large oak trees had been cut down and removed from a property he owns on U.S. 63 south of Houston. There are no suspects.

•An Elk Creek man reported Nov. 22 that he had sold four dressers to two men and given them the key to his Dee Road residence so they could pick the items up while he was away. The man stated when he returned home, two other dressers, two sewing machines and two bed frames were also gone.

An investigating officer contacted the two buyers and they stated they thought they had purchased all the items. One of the men said he had spoken to the seller and made arrangements to either buy or return the rest of the goods.

•A Mountain Grove man reported Nov. 21 that his former wife had stolen his dog and taken it to Santa Margarita, Calif.

An officer contacted the woman and told her the man was going to pursue theft charges. The officer spoke to the man later and he said the woman would be shipping the dog back to his home.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 22

Matthew C. McVicker – 24-hour commitment

Nov. 23

Ahren R. Woosley – DWI

Nov. 24

Abram H. Brooks – 72-hour commitment

Alex J. Collins – possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia

Joey D. Doyle – assault

Christopher L. Dann – 48-hour commitment

Carl E. Hutsell – 48-hour commitment

Marney L. Jordan – one-year sentence

Chastity M. Counts – possession of marijuana and paraphernalia

Charles M. Edwards Jr. – resisting arrest

Missie J. Collins – 21-hour commitment

Meranda J. Garrett – Wright County hold

Nov. 25

Karen S. Roberts – 48-hour commitment

James P. Bagley – child abuse

Robert D. Lane – domestic assault

Missie J. Collins – 13-hour commitment

Nov. 26

James R. Cox – passing bad checks, possession of controlled substance

Charles J. Smith – receiving stolen property

Missie J. Collins – 17-hour commitment

Nov. 27

Missie J. Collins – 32-hour commitment

Nov. 28

Anthony P. Dickman – leaving scene of an accident

Bennie L. Thompson – failure to appear (assault)

David W. Wolfe – failure to appear (controlled substance)

Matthew C. McVicker – 48-hour commitment

Matthew T. Wilson – 24-hour commitment

Shaun C. Cross – DWI

Nov. 30

Gregory A. Morris – failure to appear (driving while revoked)

Christine M. White – 24-hour commitment

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