Texas County Memorial Hospital announced the partnership of its emergency department with 360 Degree Medicine, a leading emergency medicine staffing group in southwest Missouri. 

It is a physician-owned, independent group of emergency and hospital physicians and has provided emergency department and hospital medicine services for rural hospitals in the Ozarks region for the past 17 years.  The group is made up of over 200 board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with over 2,000 man-years of experience in emergency and hospital medicine.  The group specializes in the intricacies of managing and providing acute care services for rural hospitals.

“We selectively partner only with hospitals that have a demonstrated commitment to placing patients first in providing quality, compassionate care for their community,” Rick Blubaugh, DO, 360 Degree Medicine chief medical officer, said. “We are proud to join the community and TCMH and pledge to bring all of our resources to bear to continually raise the bar for the level of quality medicine that the community deserves.”

“We have a very, very good group of very well-trained physicians that are proud to be serving the Texas County area,” Blubaugh said.

Charlie Rasmussen photo
Dr. Charlie Rasmussen

In addition, Dr. Charlie Rasmussen, family medicine and obstetrics physician, is a name most community members will remember.  Dr. Rasmussen practiced at TCMH from 2007 until 2013 and formed very strong bonds within the community.  He then joined the 360 Degree Medicine group shortly after moving from Houston to Branson with his family and has worked with them since leaving TCMH. 

“360 Medicine Group is one of the best groups of physicians I’ve ever been a part of,” Rasmussen said. “My physician partners are as good as they come, and I think the hospital and community will be very pleased with the quality of these emergency room physicians.”

Rasmussen explained 360 Degree Medicine physicians work primarily at Cox and Mercy and very much look forward to the partnership with TCMH and providing services to the community. 

“I will be working more shifts in both the ER and the hospital,” Rasmussen said. “I am very excited to be back at TCMH and look forward to seeing my friends, co-workers and patients again.”

“We are very impressed with the caliber of physicians that 360 Degree medicine provides to help us staff our emergency room,” Stace Holland, TCMH chief executive officer, said. “Their physicians are competent, service-oriented, accountable, provide exceptional care and work with TCMH in fulfilling our mission.”

According to Holland, the 360 Degree medicine group recently purchased a house in Texas County for the physicians to utilize for their housing accommodations while practicing at the hospital.  “We are confident that our patients will begin recognizing the physicians in our emergency department with familiarity to TCMH as they become well-integrated within our local community.”

“We are dedicated to keeping TCMH on the cutting edge of technology and services in our emergency room and throughout our whole healthcare system,” Holland said. “We are positive our partnership with 360 Degree Medicine will enhance our patient’s overall experience at TCMH.”

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