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Two persons received sentences this week related to separate shooting incidents in June in the Roby area.

According to court records, Jason A. Brazell, 44,  was sentenced to seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections on a first-degree assault charge and four years on an unlawful use of weapons charge. Both are to run concurrently, but a suspended execution of sentence was granted for five years. Three counts were dismissed.

Andrea L. Brazell, 43, of St. Robert, was sentenced to seven years in prison on a second-degree assault charge. Execution of the sentence was suspended in lieu of five years of probation.

The separate shooting incidents sent deputies to the same residence within a three-day period, resulting in two arrests and a man shot.

Texas County Sheriff Scott Lindsey said he and deputies were called to a Roby Road residence after a report of a man shooting a rifle at family members and a guest. Roby Road is south of Roby.

A reporting person and another family member fled into a wooded area near the residence and the male guest left the immediate area, Lindsey said. Deputies set up a command post while the suspect remained inside the home. Family members walked to the command post. The man — Brazell, 44, of Roby — eventually exited the residence and drove a vehicle to the area where the deputies were stationed. Deputies stopped the vehicle and Brazell was arrested. Two firearms were located in the vehicle and multiple shell casings were recovered at the residence, Lindsey said.

Authorities responded to the same residence another day after a man sustained multiple gunshots. Deputies discovered a 49-year-old man shot. Lindsey said the deputies secured the area for EMS and first responders and the man was flown by medical helicopter to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

During the investigation, Andrea L. Brazell, admitted she shot the victim as he walked toward the front door of the residence. She said she thought the man had a gun. Lindsey said the investigation shows the man wasn’t armed and stated he put his hands up before being shot.

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